Piercing Aftercare Spray - Tea Tree Hydrosol with Tea Tree Extract - 100% Australian

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Piercing Aftercare Spray - Tea Tree Hydrosol with Tea Tree Extract
  • ULTIMATE CLEANSER. Just put on the affected locations by spraying or with a cotton pad or cotton ball. Spray Tea Tree Hydrosol on to remove the sting and redness.
  • PIERCING CLEANLINESS/HEALTH. Tea Tree Hydrosol can additionally be used on your piercings to help promote good health.
  • KILL THE CRUD. Tea Tree Hydrosol is anti septic, anti fungal, anti viral and anti bacterial. Used topically it additionally can aid cleaning hard to get places.
  • CAUTIONS: Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Natural Australian Pure Melaleuca Hydrosol
  • Tea Tree Extract 5%. Giving you all the Benefits of Full Strength Tea Tree Oil
  • Keep your Piercings Healthy
  • Heal While You Stretch Your Ears
  • Antiseptic, Antimicrobial, and Antifungal Properties
  • Made with Organic Materials
  • Get Rid of Odor from your Piercing
  • Clean your Body Jewelry
  • 60ml

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